Weekly Yoga Schedule


12pm - Re-energize

6:15pm - Vinyasa Flow


8:30am - Hatha Flow

6:15pm - Yin Restorative


12pm - Re-energize

4:30pm - Hatha Flow


8:30am - Hatha Flow

6:15pm - Warm 26


12pm - Re-energize


9am - Sunrise Flow

Special Classes & Events

Control Autoimmune Dis-Ease with Diet Control Workshop

Your diet could be making you sick, the good news is it can also make you well. There are more than 80 autoimmune diseases and 10s of thousands of medications to maintain them, but possibly a simple change in diet is the only medicine you need. On October 17 at 6:30 pm, Catherine Wines will host a discussion and workshop about her personal journey in applying simple changes to her diet and only diet control to not just maintain sickness but achieve wellness. The workshop will be $25 or $20 for Wild Iris members. 

Halloween Yoga Flow & Glow

Joliene will teach a special yoga class on October 26 at 7pm, Come 1/2 hour early to get your glow on. This class will be illuminated only by black light with a fun Halloween theme, accompanied by a hip, rock beat and glow in the dark Halloween paint and body jewelry. Come allow fun external stimulant enhance an awesome internal yoga experience. Class will start at 7:00, but get there at 6:30 to get your glow on. Class costs $20 or $15 for Wild Iris members. 

Ayurveda Wellness Workshop

November 14 at 6:30 pm we will host an Ayurveda Workshop about finding your Ayurvedic Dosha which is either Pitta Kapha or Vata and how to use that information to love in balance and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Aleece O'Brein will teach us the theories of Ayurveda and how it applies to a Yoga practice. Aleece has generously agreed to donate the entire profit from the class to Wild Iris. Class is $20 or $15 for Wild Iris members. 

Membership Cost & Benfits

Yearly Membership $500

Free unlimited yoga classes for one year. One free specialty workshop. Six free guest passes. 

This is the BEST BARGAIN

Quarterly Membership $175

Must sign a yearly contract. Has all the privileges of yearly membership with payments spread out over the year. 

Monthly Unlimited $75

Free unlimited yoga for one month plus one free guest pass.

10 Class Punchcard $90

Includes one free guest pass. Punch card must be used with-in 6 months of the purchase date.

Single Class $12

Each individual yoga class has a $12 drop-in fee. 

Yoga Practice & Studio Etiquette

Stepping into the studio for the first time can be challenging and intimidating. Understanding basic yoga etiquette will help ease any anxiety you may have. We want you to be as comfortable as possible and feel like you are part of our Co-op and our yogi family. Please read the following tips for studio etiquette and if you still have questions or doubts please call us, we are here to help and support you.
What do I need to do to practice at Wild Iris?
Before you practice at Wild Iris you will need to sign a liability waiver. You will also need to become a member or purchase a monthly or daily pass. See our cost break down above.
What should I wear?
Just be sure that you’re comfortable. Close-fitting shorts, workout pants, tanks and tees are all fine. You will be going upside down, so you won’t want to wear a shirt that’s too loose or shorts that are too short. Choose appropriately based on how your clothing may respond to things like sweat, twisting, lying down, or bending forward. Guys? Cotton tees are not the best idea because, trust me, you’re going to sweat. Other than that you’ll be barefoot. No fancy yoga clothes required. We don't wear shoes in the studio, please take your shoes off and leave them by the front door.
What do I need to bring?
You’re highly encouraged to have your
own yoga mat as we have a limited number of mats available at the studio, and it’s just nice to have one of your own. We keep our mats clean, but remember, other folks have put their feet where your face is going to be. You decide. You’ll also may want to bring a small towel and a water bottle. We are a BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel) studio.
Is there a place to change?
There is a bathroom at the studio.
Is class going to be hard?
Your first few classes may be difficult, and no matter what your experience level you will be taken to your edge. We are all capable of so much more than we think we are. It’s up to you how far you’re willing to go.
What if I’m not as good at yoga as everyone else?
No competition here. We are here to support and strengthen together, never to judge. Strength and flexibility come with time. Wherever you’re at, is exactly where you are supposed to be.
What is expected after a class is over?
After class, please clean your immediate area, if you borrowed a mat from the studio, please wipe it down, roll it up, and place it with the other studio mats. If there is moisture on the floor around your mat, either from your perspiration or your water bottle, please wipe it up with your towel. If you used props, please put them away. Hugs for your teacher and fellow yogis are optional but encouraged.
What else should I know about class?
Silence your phone. If possible, please leave it in your car or at home. We want you completely present in the moment.
Be on time for class. Late arrivals are disruptive for other students.
Keep check on your conversations during class.
Respect those around you.
Inform your instructor about any physical conditions he/she might need to know about.
Focus on how you feel in a pose rather than how you should look in a pose.
Remember... it’s yoga practice not yoga perfect.
Stay for Savasana, it's an important part of your practice.
Lighten up and don’t sweat the small stuff. We love you and we're glad your here.